" Head's Above The Rest "

JaRaf Inc. 

  • How Long Is A Contract?  The contracts start at 61/2 months for most lines with 4-6 weeks off before returning.Stage and Production Managers may do shorter contracts.
  • What ship will I be assigned to? Ship assignments are assigned according to need. They are ongoing and be on any vessel. During the 6 months an employee can be moved to another ship.
  • What should I bring? The ship's cabins are small, compare them to a college dorm room. You will need your uniform items and some dress clothes as well as clothes for when you are not working.Bring what makes you happy, photos, music, your favorite pillow, but know space is limited.
  • Can I get off the ship? Yes, if you are not working or assigned to remain onboard you may leave the ship. Always keep in mind that even while on shore,you are still the ship's employee.Always note the time you need to be back on the ship.​
  • What are the living conditions? The majority of technical staff share cabins with one other person of the same gender. The rooms are small, similiar to a college dorm room. There is a small closet, bathroom and desk. Most ships provide a tv in the cabin and there are channels dedicated to the crew.
  • What is there to do when I am not working? Aside from trying to get rest, the crewmembers have access to the crew bar where there can be activities for the crew ( karaoke, bingo, movies etc).Depending on your status, crew can go into some of the venues onboard understanding that the passengers take priority always.
  • How can I communicate with my family and friends? Most ships have Internet rates for crew as well as phone rates, but they can be high. Once off the ship, there are always WiFi Hotspots and Internet Cafes. Skype is often used by crew. Cel phone use can be costly if roaming charges apply. There are unlocked cel phones one can buy with sim cards for foreign use as well as phone cards. Many time phone cards are available for purchase onboard from the Crew Purser.
  • What happens if I get sick? There is a medical facility onboard with hours for crew members.